Gas Piping for Appliances on the South Shore

Pilgrim Propane is proud to offer affordable gas piping to your appliances for your convenience and budget. Our gas piping services are top-notch, affordable, and efficient. When you choose to work with Pilgrim Propane, you are choosing quality service!



Run All Your Appliances on Propane

Gas piping allows you to run all your appliances from a single propane source. This translates to total convenience and better savings for your home comfort budget. Whether you need to turn on your propane-powered barbecue grill, fireplace, fire pit, patio heater, or anything else, you can do it all from your main propane storage tank. That means you don’t have to worry about constantly refilling small tanks to simply run your appliances.


We offer service for:

Power Everything with One Delivery

When you hook up all your appliances to your single, main propane supply, that means you’ll be able to run everything from one propane delivery. Getting small tanks filled can be a hassle, but with reliable propane delivery from Pilgrim Propane, you don’t need to worry about small tanks when you use our gas piping services.