Resources for Your Propane Needs

Pilgrim Propane is pleased to provide resources for your propane needs. We understand that saving on your home comfort budget is a priority for almost all families, which is why we provide resources for rebates on new installations and information of Massachusetts’ Fuel Assistance Program.

We also ask that our customers do their part to keep safe with their use of propane, so we provide a web page dedicated to propane safety for all the information you would need about carefully and responsibly using propane.

Fuel Assistance Programs

Home heating in New England can be expensive for some families. We at Pilgrim Propane believe that all families should have access to the resources they need to keep their homes comfortable throughout the seasons. If you’re struggling to afford your home heating, there are resources available to help you pay for your fuel.


Propane Safety

Massachusetts homeowners that stay comfortable with propane choose this energy option for its longstanding history of efficiency, affordability, and safety. You can count on propane to fuel your heating system, power your stove top, and so much more. To keep your home safe from season to season, it is critical that you follow these industry-approved safety tips.