Propane Tank Monitoring on the South Shore

Do you ever worry about your propane tank fuel levels? Or, scramble to request a delivery because your fuel was lower than you expected? Pilgrim Propane is pleased to offer convenient propane tank monitoring to our valued propane customers. Propane tank monitoring is a reliable way to keep track of your fuel levels at any time, from any place. If you’re tired of trudging outside to check your fuel gauge, especially in the middle of winter, then a tank monitor is the perfect propane accessory for you.

An experienced technician from Pilgrim Propane will install a tank monitor on your tank, and then you can check your fuel level from any smart device. Tank monitoring is a convenient way to monitor your propane tank level right from your phone – or let Pilgrim Propane take care of it for you!


How Tank Monitors Work

  1. Rent the propane tank monitoring device. Pilgrim will install this for you!
  2. Download and connect to the app on your smartphone or tablet.
  3. The app will alert you, and Pilgrim Propane, when your propane tank level is getting low.
  4. You can either contact us to order propane, or we can automatically deliver your fuel based on data from the rental device.

Tank Monitoring Benefits

  • Easy-to-use technology
  • Helpful reminders to order propane
  • Optional automatic delivery
  • Greater peace of mind


Get a Tank Monitor Today

Tank monitoring through Pilgrim Propane is designed for seasonal and year-round residents alike. Instead of scrambling to check your tank when the news predicts a Nor’easter, you can trust that your fuel supply is ready for a potential storm. Have questions about tank monitoring? Contact our office to inquire or sign up today. One of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.