See What Other Pilgrim Customers Are Saying

At Pilgrim Propane, we strive to provide professional, quality service at affordable prices. We stand by our work and try to provide the best customer service in our industry. We’re so pleased when we hear positive reviews from our valued customers. Read below to see what other Pilgrim Propane customers are saying, and if you’ve had a good experience with us, leave a review of your own and tell us about it.


I switched to Pilgrim Propane about 2-3 months ago and I am extremely happy with their service and their professionalism. Prices are reasonable and when I called about concerns over a possible Propane leak in my basement, a nice service person named Ed came to my house within 40 minutes! This was on a Sunday over the holiday weekend as well. I highly recommend Pilgrim Propane.


— Jones

Wouldn’t usually write reviews – but this one is deserved. I have never had a propane tank before and, to date, I have let it run completely empty twice. Once during a random snowstorm in October (MA) and the day before Thanksgiving. In both cases I called Pilgrim, dazed and confused still about the concept of propane, and both times they had someone out THAT DAY to fill the tank and make sure we were ok. Really, really incredible service and I very much appreciated that.

— Neil

Following the storm in October they came over to check the level of propane that remained due to the generator running off the propane 24/7. A few hours later their truck arrived with a delivery. Thank you.

— Keith

After years of looking for a reliable propane service, we found Pilgram. The service is great, the rates are fair, and they are pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend them if you want a high-quality group of people handling your propane deliveries.

— John

This company does what it takes to be the best. Polite, professional, reliable and responsible. They are there when you need them.

— Kenny